Are you ready to say goodbye to your saggy, shapeless buttocks or hip dips? If so, then good news: The last few years have brought a number of significant advances in cosmetic interventions for the butt, including surgical and non-surgical options alike. The most prominent of these interventions is the Brazilian Butt Lift, wherein a plastic surgeon will liposuction fat from one part of your body, graft it onto the buttocks, and mold them into something far more shapely, supple, and striking. In this article, we will discuss how to get a bbl without a surgery and everything about bbl.

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) may be just the thing for achieving the plump rear or incredible hourglass figure you’ve always dreamed of. But what about those who want to augment their booty without the need for anesthesia, surgery, or prolonged recovery times? For these patients, there are also some non-surgical BBL options available.

While we don’t do BBL surgeries here at CAMI, we do offer non-surgical BBL. Before you make a decision to have this procedure done, we want to take a moment to explain the distinction between these two methods, and to help you ascertain the pros and cons of each.

What’s the Difference Between Surgical and Non-Surgical BBL?

Let’s start by summarizing what each of these procedures entails.

● Surgical BBL. With a surgical procedure, your surgeon will first find a part of your body where you have some unwanted, excess fat deposits. Often, this is the back, belly, thighs, or “love handles.” This unwanted fat is harvested using a gentle liposuction process. It’s then purified, and the fat transfer cells are carefully injected into the buttocks. The result? You’ll develop a rounder and more voluptuous rear end while potentially slimming down another area of your body. Combined, these two effects can give you a much shapelier figure.
● Non-Surgical BBL. By contrast, non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift BBL adds some volume and lift to the buttocks via the use of dermal fillers. The effects are not quite as dramatic, and you also won’t have the benefit of slimming a specific area of the body. With that said, many patients find that a non-surgical BBL intervention gives them exactly the results they want, without the need to go under the knife or to endure a lengthy recovery period.

To summarize: While both of these procedures can help you achieve a rounder butt, they differ in the overall extent of the results they offer, as well as in the intensity of the process itself.

More About How to Get a BBL Without Surgery and How it Works

As you think about which of these procedures is better aligned with your goals and expectations, you’ll naturally have some questions about how non-surgical BBL actually works.

To start with: What are fillers, anyway? Basically, fillers are injectable medications, approved by the FDA to add volume or to fill in wrinkles and fine lines. Fillers are most commonly used in the face, but they can also produce significant results when used on the buttocks. Specifically, fillers stimulate the production of collagen, enhancing the structure of your skin and producing a very natural plumping effect. Patients like fillers because they are very minimally invasive, and because they produce effects that look “real.”

Because you do not need any fat to be harvested from your body, there is no need for any kind of anesthesia or sedation. Instead, a topical numbing solution will be applied to the injection site. This is to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Once your buttocks have been appropriately numbed, a series of injections will be made as needed.

The procedure takes about an hour in total, and because there’s no sedation used, there are no groggy after-effects. In fact, patients are free to immediately return to work, school, or their other normal activities.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Non-Surgical BBL

The non-surgical approach is not for everyone. Some patients will need to pursue surgical intervention in order to meet their aesthetic goals. With that said, non-surgical BBL presents several unique pros and cons.

Some of the pros of non-surgical BBL include:

● There’s no need for incisions, and thus no scarring. And, there’s no requirement for anesthesia.
● Non-surgical BBL can be a viable option for those who do not have enough harvestable fat for a surgical butt lift.
● The procedure is extremely fast and does not require a prolonged recovery.
● You’ll get results that include a more rounded buttocks and a flattering, natural shape.
● You can also choose to schedule two or three non-surgical BBL sessions to really augment and enhance your results.

As for some of the cons of non-surgical BBL:

● For those who are looking to shape their buttocks and lose fat in unwanted areas, surgical BBL is really the only option.
● The results of non-surgical BBL will not last forever. The results will typically last around two years, but some “maintenance” sessions can help you extend those results.

One final note is that, even if you gravitate toward the surgical option, it can sometimes make sense to start with non-surgical BBL. This allows you a chance to “try on” different sizes; in some cases, it may also persuade you that you don’t actually need to get surgery to achieve your desired results.

How to Get a BBL Without Surgery: Deciding Between Surgical & Non-Surgical BBL

At CAMI, we hear from a lot of patients who wish they could enhance their droopy or undersized buttocks in favor of something more voluptuous. There are several ways of doing so, including some options that don’t require any surgical intervention. We are really happy to offer non-surgical BBL to our patients, but also want to be clear about the pros and cons.

Whether you’re leaning toward the surgical approach or the non-surgical method, we’d love to talk with you further, to answer your questions, and to help you make an informed decision. A good place to start is simply by scheduling an appointment for a consultation with one of our providers. View our BBL before and after photos gallery to see real client results!

To make an appointment regarding med spa services and non-surgical BBL, reach out to the team at CAMI Med Spa Greensboro or CAMI Med Spa Huntersville at your convenience. In this article, we covered everything regarding bbl and how to get a BBL without surgery. So that you don’t have to look anywhere else in of proper information.