Sculptra Before and After Photos & Sculptra BBL Before and After Photos

Sculptra Before and After Photos in Charlotte, NC

View our Sculptra before and after photos gallery below of real patient results! At Carolina Age Management Institute Sculptra® is available for the treatment of wrinkles and deformities on your face and larger areas such as the buttocks. This injection is administered over the course of several treatments. Sculptra® is an injectable that targets areas that have lost collagen over time. Sculptra® Aesthetic requires no downtime and can be administered in the office. This treatment is offered by Dr. Giordano in Huntsville, North Carolina, as well as the surrounding communities.

Sculptra Butt Lift

sculptra before and after photos

Sculptra on the Face

Sculptra Patient 1

Sculptra Patient 2

Sculptra Patient 3

To schedule your Sculptra® treatment, contact Carolina Age Management Institute. Dr. Giordano is available in Huntsville, North Carolina, to help you reduce your fine lines and wrinkles on your face caused by aging. This treatment can also be applid to the buttocks as a non-surgical butt lift option. Get on the road to a more youthful appearance with the help of Sculptra®.