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Laser Skin Resurfacing in Charlotte, NC

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates the skin and reduces the signs of aging, sun damage, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. Laser therapy can even be used to tighten the skin, reducing sagginess or excessive skin laxity. In short, Charlotte laser skin resurfacing therapies can help you receive the clear, youthful skin you have always wanted.

It is important to remember that there are different kinds of laser skin resurfacing, with each laser addressing different aesthetic issues. At CAMI Medical Spa, we are pleased to provide the best laser skin resurfacing treatments available today, ensuring that each patient can find a laser therapy that aligns with their needs and goals.

To identify the treatment for your skin condition, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our Charlotte laser skin resurfacing experts.

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How Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Work?

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive procedure, approved by the FDA to treat a wide range of skin imperfections, including skin laxity.

Different lasers work in different ways. Some lasers are used to carefully peel away the damaged outer layers of the skin, revealing healthier, more youthful-looking skin beneath. Laser therapies can also stimulate the production of collagen, a naturally occurring substance that helps keep your skin healthy and radiant.

What are the Best Laser Skin Treatments?

Our Charlotte laser skin resurfacing team is happy to provide a number of options, including some of the most advanced and effective laser treatments on the market today.


The Sciton laser works by removing the top layers of skin, allowing healthier layers of skin to be revealed. We consider this to be one of the best laser treatments all-around, particularly for patients who are hoping to correct the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blotches, or acne scars. Additionally, because the new layers of skin that form tend to be tighter than the old layers of skin, Sciton can be an effective tool to correct sagginess.


For patients who are primarily hoping to correct loose, sagging skin, GentleMax is often the best option. GentleMax works by sending energy directly into the skin tissue. This is a completely safe and comfortable experience. In fact, GentleMax has a built-in cooling system to keep patients pain-free at all times. The body absorbs this laser energy as heat, without any harm to the surface area. The heat triggers the body’s built-in healing ability, and specifically jumpstarts the production of collagen. This stimulus of collagen helps restore a tight, toned appearance to the patient’s skin.

BroadBand Light (BBL)

Our Charlotte laser skin resurfacing team is also happy to provide BBL Broadband Light Therapy treatment. This is one of the best laser skin resurfacing treatments for patients looking to correct hyperpigmentation and sun damage. BBL involves intense pulses of light, which remove imperfections and dead skin cells. Our laser technicians can use this technology to precision-target parts of the body that have become discolored, making BBL an ideal treatment not only for hyperpigmentation, but also for sunspots, bruises, birthmarks, facial spider veins, and redness from rosacea.

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The Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

There are a number of reasons why patients love laser skin therapies. A few of the benefits include:

  • It’s non-invasive. Laser skin resurfacing allows you to substantially enhance your appearance without the need for surgical intervention, incisions, IV sedation, prolonged recoveries, etc.
  • It makes your skin healthier. Laser skin resurfacing is not merely cosmetic. Because it triggers the production of collagen, laser skin resurfacing can actually make your skin more healthy and vibrant.
  • Procedures are quick. Depending on the treatment area, you may be in and out in mere minutes. 
  • Laser skin resurfacing is virtually painless. Patient comfort is our top priority, and most patients tell us they experience little to no pain during their laser session.
  • There is very little downtime required. Most patients have very few side effects and feel ready to resume their normal activities right after their treatment.

How to Prepare for Laser Skin Resurfacing

To help them prepare, patients may be given a topical ointment or serum to apply in the days prior to the treatment. They may also be asked to avoid any medications or supplements that thin the blood to prevent any bruising or swelling. Patients are also advised to discontinue Retinoids for a short period before their treatment. Any other guidelines will be provided during the initial consultation.

What to Expect from Laser Skin Resurfacing

Depending on the type of laser and the area being treated, we may use a topical numbing medication to prevent any pain or discomfort. The treatment will usually take somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes, and most patients find it easy to rest and relax while their treatment takes place.

Recovery from Laser Skin Resurfacing

In the first few days following laser skin resurfacing, patients may have an appearance similar to a mild or moderate sunburn. Minimal swelling may also be present in the first couple of days. As the healing process continues, there may be some slight flaking or peeling of the skin; however, certain moisturizers are helpful at keeping that to a minimum. 

With laser skin resurfacing it is important to avoid the sun for a few weeks following the treatments to enable the skin to heal and prevent any discoloration to the new skin. The skin is very sensitive to sunlight, so application of sunscreen is imperative any time you go outside.

Results are usually evident almost immediately, but become clearer and more significant as a few days pass. 

Some patients may need to join us for multiple laser therapy sessions to obtain the desired outcomes. It all depends on the severity of the issues being treated.

Find Out More About the Best Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

The best way to determine which laser therapy is right for you is to come meet with one of our providers to assess your skin type and skin condition. We’d love to answer your questions and to develop a laser treatment plan that’s just right for your needs. When you’re ready to schedule your appointment, reach out to the Charlotte laser skin resurfacing team at Carolina Age Management Institute.

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