Instructions for Pre and Post-Treatment Care

Cosmetic treatments involve many details prior to treatment and after. It can be overwhelming to remember the little things, so we created this library of patient resources you can access at any time. These care instructions can help make your life easier both before and after treatment. These instructions are not meant to replace specific instructions given by your Provider and intended to be a guide.

These are the most important post-treatment guidelines to maximize your cosmetic treatment results. The specific instructions you need will depend on the type of aesthetic procedure.

If you have any questions, please contact your Provider or Doctor.

In the case of an emergency, here is our after-hours phone number: 704-800-5074

Please call 911 if you are experiencing severe symptoms

If any of these occur, or if you have concerns about your recovery, call immediately.

• Facial numbing
• Difficulty in breathing
• An increase in redness or swelling
• Double vision and foreign-body sensation in the eye
• High-grade fever above 101.5deg F / 38.6deg C
• Alertness decreases


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