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Skin Care Huntersville NC & Charlotte Dermatology Specialist

As you search for a qualified Charlotte dermatology specialist and skin care Huntersville NC, consider our services at the Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI). We provide our clients with a range of professional skincare solutions, under the guidance of licensed physicians and PAs.

We all long for clear, healthy, youthful skin. And sooner or later, all of us need a little help in achieving it. Blemishes such as moles, skin tags, and acne can compromise our otherwise clear complexion, and sometimes over-the-counter remedies may be insufficient. In these instances, the best approach may be to seek expert care from a dermatology specialist.

We invite you to learn more about how CAMI can help you achieve clear, youthful skin, through services including holistic acne treatment, mole removal, skin tag removal, and beyond.

Seek Treatment from a Charlotte Dermatology Specialist

Our providers have a simple mission: To help you enhance the health of your skin, boosting your self-confidence in the process.

Holistic Acne Treatment

One of the most common skin conditions is acne; though typically associated with teenagers, there are plenty of people who struggle with acne well into adulthood, sometimes getting their first outbreak in their 20s, 30s, or middle age.

Acne is a condition caused when the hair follicle or pore becomes filled with oil, produced by the sebaceous gland. When this happens, it can produce whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, and red lesions. Though facial acne tends to be the most problematic, breakouts can extend elsewhere on the body, including the chest and the back.

So how can acne be treated? At CAMI, we recommend a holistic acne treatment program that encompasses several medications. Topical solutions can help kill bacteria on the surface of the skin; anti-inflammatory medications may also be useful. For patients with deeper acne, antibiotics may be necessary to minimize irritation and to prevent future breakouts.

At CAMI, our providers are ready to develop an individualized treatment plan to help you get breakouts under control, and to prevent the development of future acne breakouts. Our skin care Huntersville NC wellness programs can help you keep your skin looking clear and healthy. To find out more about our approach to holistic acne care, contact CAMI to schedule a consultation.

Mole Removal in Charlotte, NC

Moles come in all different shapes and sizes, and in the best-case scenario, they are simply annoying blemishes that keep you from having perfectly clear skin. In more extreme cases, they can actually be serious health risks, potentially even cancerous. Regardless, many of our patients come to us seeking professional mole removal.

Most basically, a mole is a cluster of skin pigment cells that can cause black or brown growth on the skin. They may be either flat or raised, and they can occur anywhere on the body. At CAMI, we emphasize safe and comprehensive mole removal: We remove moles completely, with scalpel precision, and we ensure results that minimize scarring and promote a smooth complexion.

Mole removal at CAMI is virtually painless and does not require any prolonged recovery time. To find out more about the options for mole removal in Charlotte, NC, contact CAMI at any time.

mole removal

Skin Tag Removal in Charlotte, NC

Virtually everyone has skin tags on their body. These growths are completely benign, yet they can also be annoying, preventing you from enjoying a clear complexion.

Skin tags are caused by the friction of skin rubbing against skin, and they are most frequently found in the underarms, around the neck, or around the groin area. And, when skin tags make contact with clothing, they can become further inflamed, and potentially quite painful.

People come to CAMI for skin tag removal for a number of different reasons: Because they are tired of these growths hampering their everyday activities, or simply because they are tired of having blemished skin. Either way, skin tag removal is a common and straightforward procedure. We generally administer a topical anesthetic before using a scalpel to remove the skin tag, ensuring a clean, smooth removal. When removed properly, skin tags usually do not grow back.

We would love to answer any questions you may have about skin tag removal in Charlotte, NC. To find out more, reach out to CAMI at your convenience.

Why Choose CAMI As Your Dermatology Specialist?

At CAMI, we are pleased to provide a full range of skin care Huntersville NC services. Everything we do is individualized. When you join us in our Huntersville, NC location, we will sit down with you to talk about your aesthetic needs and goals; we will perform a physical assessment; and we will recommend treatment options that promote the health and clarity of your skin.

One reason to choose CAMI? We always have a doctor or PA on-site, ensuring not just that we help you look your best, but that we are promoting safety and long-term wellness at all times. At the same time, our practice allows you to have aesthetic procedures done for a much lower price than what you would pay going to a more traditional dermatology practice.

Another reason to choose CAMI: We provide a comprehensive range of aesthetic services, making it easy for you to couple acne treatment, skin tag removal, or mole removal with other services. For example, it’s quick and easy to have skin tags removed during the same visit you have a BOTOX or dermal filler injection. No matter your skincare goals, we would love to help you meet them.


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Are you an Existing Patient?

Everyone wants to have clear skin, but sometimes, acne, moles, and skin tags can make that challenging. We would love to tell you more about the safe, holistic options for clarifying your skin, and for looking and feeling your absolute best.

The first step is scheduling a consultation with one of our dermatology specialists. We’ll spend a little time getting to know you, then recommend treatment options to help you achieve your goals. Schedule an appointment with CAMI whenever you are ready to chat; reach out to our office in the Charlotte area at any time.