Great skincare routine for those who live in Huntersville

Jan 12, 2021 | Skin Care

Skincare routine is important

Skincare is an important routine for men and women in Huntersville, NC to establish. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and taking care of it is important. Not only does it help keep your face blemish-free, but a good skincare routine can also help keep signs of aging at bay and prevent damage from the sun. 

But, with seemingly thousands upon thousands of skincare products on the market today, it can be overwhelming trying to decide what you should use. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone. The team at Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI) can help. Here’s what will be taken into consideration as they work to build your perfect skincare routine.

What to take into consideration

Everyone is different. That holds true for the skin as well. That is why no one skincare routine is the same. As the CAMI team works to help you choose products and create a routine, they will consider:

  • What type of skin you have. Is your skin dry? Oily? Or a combination? Knowing your skin type will help determine what products will work best for you and what products will only make your skin feel and look worse. 
  • What are your goals? Are simply looking for a way to get rid of acne? Moisturize? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to keep acne at bay and fight signs of aging. Knowing what you want your skincare routine to accomplish can help the CAMI team choose the right products. 
  • What is your budget? Let’s face it, some skincare products can be pricey. Know what you can plan to spend on the day of your appointment, and what you can afford to spend going forward. 

Keep in mind…

Skincare routines take a little bit of time to be effective. Once you start your new routine, you will not see results that very same day. Be sure you allow at least four to six weeks to start to see results. Take a before picture right when you start your new routine and a photo after the allotted time frame. You may be surprised at how different, and rejuvenated, your skin appears. 

Skincare for Huntersville, NC residents 

Huntersville, NC residents whose new year’s resolution is to take better care of their skin should contact CAMI. Our team is happy to work with you to find the right products for your skin and start you on the path to better, younger-looking skin. Contact us today to schedule your skin care consultation. 

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