Facial Fillers: A Quick Guide to Facial Fillers

At the CAMI Med Spa, we meet a lot of patients who wish to achieve a more radiant and youthful facial appearance, without the need for surgical intervention, anesthesia, or a prolonged recovery. Often, our recommendation is to get facial fillers. These injectable medications can “fill in” wrinkles and fine lines, restore lost volume, enhance shallow contours, and more.

As you consider getting facial fillers, it’s only natural to have some questions. We’re always happy to answer directly and invite you to schedule a consultation appointment at your convenience. In the meantime, here is a quick guide to getting facial fillers.

How Long Do Facial Fillers Last?

One of the most common questions about fillers: How long will they last? The results are not intended to be permanent and depending on the patient and on the type of fillers, the effects can last from six months to two years.

Usually, you can get ongoing “touch-up” injections to maintain or extend your results.

What is the Best Facial Filler?

There are a number of dermal filler and injectable brands to choose from, and each facial filler is unique in its strength and texture. As such, there’s not really a clear choice for the “best” dermal filler. It depends on your needs, your aesthetic preferences, and the part of your face you are seeking to treat.

Are Fillers Bad for Your Face?

When administered improperly, it is possible for facial fillers to cause long-term damage to your face. These risks can be negated when you choose an experienced clinician to provide your injectable treatments.

What Happens When You Stop Using Facial Fillers?

Fillers provide a way for you to mitigate some of the normal effects of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. When you stop using facial fillers, eventually the effects will wear off, which means you will begin to notice some of those signs of age return again. It’s important to note that discontinuing fillers will not accelerate the aging process, though you may notice it more acutely than you did before getting your facial fillers.

Are Facial Fillers Worth It?

The question of whether fillers are “worth it” is ultimately one that you’ll have to answer on your own. For those who hope to minimize some of the signs of aging, but who do not wish to go through an extended period of surgery and recovery, fillers may be worth considering. For those who want more substantial or long-lasting results, and who are able to take some time for surgery and recovery, then surgical intervention may be ideal.

Does Your Face Go Back to Normal After Fillers?

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When you get fillers, you can expect a few days of minor swelling, and potentially some slight bruising or discoloration. This means that the positive effects of your fillers may not be immediately evident. However, most patients find that their face goes back to normal within a week or so, if not much less. If you experience long-term side effects or complications from facial fillers, contact your doctor.

Do Fillers Age You?

The whole point of using facial fillers is to mediate the aging process. When used improperly, facial fillers can sometimes have the opposite effect, causing your skin to age prematurely. Again, these unwanted effects can typically be minimized simply by ensuring that you have your fillers administered by a trained and experienced provider.

Do Fillers Make You Look Younger?

With facial fillers, the goal is always a more youthful appearance. When administered properly, by a skilled injector, fillers, as well as Botox, can soften wrinkles and fine lines, restore lost volume, and generally improve the health and radiance of your skin.

Find Out More About Getting Facial Fillers in Charlotte, NC

Facial fillers, as well as regular facials, can be a great option for anyone who wants to soften some of the effects of age. If you have any questions about getting soft tissue dermal fillers in Charlotte or Huntersville, we’d love to talk with you. CAMI has ample experience providing surgical, non-surgical, and dermatology solutions for men and women throughout the area, including dermal fillers and Botox in Charlotte NC. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with us. Contact our office at your next convenience.