HydraFacial vs Microdermabrasion: Which One is Right for You?

Mar 3, 2022 | microdermabrasion

Looking for a non-surgical method to rejuvenate your facial appearance? At the Carolina Age Management Institute (CAMI), we’re proud to provide our patients with state-of-the-art, effective, and non-invasive options, including such popular treatments as HydraFacials Charlotte, NC, and DiamondGlow microdermabrasion Charlotte, NC. Both facial rejuvenation treatments work to brighten and exfoliate the face, and both stimulate collagen production for a naturally youthful appearance.

The question is, which of these facial treatments is right for you? Take a moment to consider some of the key distinctions between HydraFacial vs Microdermabrasion. To learn more about either option, schedule a consultation appointment at either our Huntersville or Greensboro Med Spa offices today! 

What is a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial vs Microdermabrasion facial

The best way to compare the HydraFacial vs Microdermabrasion is simply to compare the two terms. Let’s start with HydraFacial.

The HydraFacial is a patented treatment performed with a medical-grade hydradermabrasion device, which works to cleanse and exfoliate the face while removing dead skin cells and impurities.

Simultaneously, the HydraFacial device provides the skin with an infusion of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. This reinvigorates the skin and makes the HydraFacial a good all-around option for treating clogged pores, wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, acne, or skin that is simply dry and flakey – all at the same time!

How Does the HydraFacial Work?

This technology works by using a truly unique 3-in-1 device that exfoliates, suctions and infuses serums, which powerfully yet painlessly resurfaces, cleanses and hydrates the skin. The serums are customizable and can be used to provide hydration, assist with skin discoloration, anti-aging, and help with rejuvenating the skin. Together, these different steps spur an increase in natural collagen production, which promotes healthier skin while minimizing many of the most common imperfections.

What is Microdermabrasion?

HydraFacial vs Microdermabrasion

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Microdermabrasion has been around a bit longer, yet it remains one of the go-to options for patients who wish to revive their facial appearance. Specifically, microdermabrasion works by stimulating cell turnover and renewal in the skin. Microdermabrasion treatments typically use either crystals or diamond-tipped instruments to buff away the skin’s outer surface, removing dead skin cells in the process. (At CAMI Med Spa, we prefer the DiamondGlow application to standard microdermabrasion, widely considered the gold standard for all-in-one facial skin rejuvenation.)

This is basically a very advanced, very rigorous form of exfoliation, one that doesn’t just give your skin a deep cleaning but also improves the tone, texture, and overall appearance. 

Microdermabrasion, like the HydraFacial, can be an outstanding option for patients who wish to address fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. It is also one of our most frequently used treatments for helping patients minimize the appearance of acne scars.

HydraFacial vs Microdermabrasion: How Do They Compare?

While these are both outstanding treatment options, and though they achieve many of the same effects, it’s important to understand some of the ways in which they differ. 

Essentially, the HydraFacial does everything that Microdermabrasion does, but it also goes a step further by infusing the skin with restorative serums. As such, it’s more effective in hydrating and replenishing the skin, incorporating such techniques as chemical peeling and pore extraction to provide superior results.

HydraFacials are more comprehensive, and for patients with acne, they represent the best option. For other conditions, such as pigmentation issues, microdermabrasion may be more effective. The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals.

One more note: No matter which of these treatments you decide to get, you can enhance your results by asking to add dermaplaning facial or BB Glow serum to your procedure. Again, the best way to learn more about this option is to talk with one of our skincare providers here at CAMI Med Spa.

Explore the Options for an Improved Facial Appearance

Sooner or later, all of us grow dissatisfied with the appearance of our skin. Whether you are hoping to address impurities or simply to improve the overall health of your skin, HydraFacials, microdermabrasion, and other dermatology services are options well worth considering. We are happy to offer both and would love to tell you more about them.

To get a personalized recommendation for your facial treatment, contact CAMI. We will schedule a consultation appointment, allowing you to chat with one of our specialists about treatment options, potential results, recovery times, and more. Reach out to us whenever you’re ready to pursue facial treatments in the Charlotte or Huntersville, NC area.