Nano Laser Peel

Aug 3, 2018 | Laser

Do you struggle with pigmentation issues, large pore size or want to minimize those fine lines and wrinkles?  Why not give your skin a boost with a Nano Laser Peel!


This laser peel quickly removes the dead surface layer of skin, WITHOUT the use of chemicals!   The depth of the laser is set by your provider anywhere from 4 to 10 microns.  At CAMI, we use an air chiller that is blown directly on the treated area to make the patient as comfortable as possible.  Although not required, a topical anesthetic can be used for added comfort.Nano Laser Peel


Laser peels treat pigmentation issues, pore size and kicks starts the production of new healthy cells. A brighter, clearer and smoother complexion can be achieved in just a matter of days!


Nano peels are great treatments for both men and women.  Although usually performed on the face, the hands and other areas of the body can also be treated.   The face and hands can be treated in less than 30 minutes making this a quick and convenient treatment to fit into your busy lifestyle.


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Nano Peels improve fine lines and wrinkles as well as the tone and texture of your skin, making this treatment a great adjunct to BOTOX injections or dermal fillers.


The Nano Peel comes with minimal downtime.  You are able to resume your normal activities immediately after the treatment.  By simply adjusting the depth at which the laser penetrates, the aggressiveness of the peel and length of downtime can be adjusted to suit each individual’s needs and goals. Downtime consists of a little tightness after the treatment, you may feel like you have a slight sunburn, and some flaking or peeling a few days after the peel is not uncommon.


As with most laser skin resurfacing procedures, the best results are achieved after a series of treatments and regular maintenance.  And as always, protect your skin with a good medical grade Broad Spectrum UV protection every day!