Advanced Lower Face Botox Injection Techniques

Lower Face Botox Injection

Did you know about lower face Botox injection techniques? There are quite a few areas that Botox® is used that are not familiar to many people. Botox® is a neuromodulator and is primarily used in the upper third of the face, however there are several areas in the lower face that are well suited to Botox® skin tightening effects. It is important to have an experienced injector perform these specialized techniques.Advanced Lower Face Botox Injection Techniques

First, we use Botox® around the lip line to minimize vertical fine lines and a “toothy” smile, and even that horizontal line some people get below their nose when they smile. This treatment uses minimal amounts of Botox® to prevent any untoward effects, it’s great to use in combination with fillers to add volume that will also help lip lines.

Second, Botox® can also be used in the mid/lower chin area for improvement of “peau d’orange” or the pebbly appearance of that area, especially seen with certain mouth movements. Also, this treatment uses low to moderate amounts of Botox®.

Thirdly, BOTOX® is used in the low jaw/chin area at the base of the marionette lines that run from the corners of the mouth to the jawline. This helps minimize the downward muscle movement and soften those particular lines. Of course this works best when used in conjunction with fillers to add volume in that area as that is usually the main problem.

Fourth, occasionally BOTOX® is used in the Masseter muscle of the lateral jaw areas when that muscle is enlarged (hypertrophied), this can help smooth out that area to decrease the appearance of a square jaw, if it’s not related to the mandible being enlarged, rather than the muscle. You can get the best med spa services lower face BOTOX in Charlotte NC at Carolina Age Management Institute

So it is safe to say, BOTOX isn’t just for our “frown lines” anymore. You can get help and proper guidelines at Carolina Age Management Institute for a wide range of Dermal fillers Charlotte NC  and Dermal fillers Greensboro NC. Find out more by contacting CAMI Med Spa in Huntersville or Med Spa in Greensboro.


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