Treatments available in the heat of summer

Aug 21, 2017 | Skin Care

I’m here to lay to rest some myths that many skin issues and treatments are off limits during the hot summer months.  Forget most of what your mama told you and reinvent your summer skincare regimen!Treatments available in top Huntersville NC med spa


You don’t use melanocyte suppressors in the summer.

False.  And to take that one further. SUN is not the only factor that makes hyperpigmentation pop up.  Believe it or not heat does too!  So, not only should you use your hydroquinone religiously, but you should always wear a good zinc based SPF product ( i.e. Elta MD Elements) but, also keep the skin temperature down.  


You can’t treat unwanted hair with laser in the summer.

FALSE. Technology has changed and CAMI is ready to serve you year round!!  Also false information is that darker skin tones cannot be treated for unwanted hair.. ever.  With the Gentle Max Pro we offer Laser Hair Reduction (LHR) to all skin types.  The dual 755/1064 laser can get any and all skin smooth year round.


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Chemical peels in the summer are off limits.

FALSE. Obviously you would not peel your face or body and then head to the beach for a week’s vacations of sunbathing and swimming.  Who wants to be peeling in public anyway?  Peels force cell turn over, revealing new baby skin. A chemical peel can actually benefit your skin after the beating it has taken the first half of summer.  Protecting your skin at all times is important but is crucial after a chemical peel.  Avoid direct sun after a chemical peel and always wear your sun protection.


IPL/BBL is a winter only treatment.

FALSE.  Pulsed Light and Broadband light treatments have long been thought of as a winter month’s treatment!  Like the above stated myths, IPL/BBL can be an option!  Under an experienced provider and with proper circumstances this treatment can be very successful especially with our cystic acne and rosacea patients.  No need to suffer half the year.  There are treatment options and relief available all year round.  


These are just a few of the myths I hear weekly.  The biggest take away is that there is always a treatment and a skin care plan available. Ask me anything! I’m always willing to take a crack at any skin issue and if I don’t know the answer, rest assured, I work with the best team in the Carolinas.  Together we change skin!  #TEAMCAMI


Vanessa Nozet