Have you thought about your hands lately?

Sep 25, 2017 | Skin Care

Your hands

Your hands are an important part of you. It seems that we often don’t notice how our hands age us until that fateful day we see them as they really are. It might be easy to ignore those brown spots, wrinkles or large veins until you see them in a photo or someone, usually a sweet honest child asks why do your hands look like that. Don’t despair, we can help you here at CAMI! It could be as simple as chemical peels or moving up to BBL/IPL, dermal fillers, or a laser peel.your hands

For example if the appearance of you hands is a problem because of small brown spots you might start with a chemical peel that will promote flaking, exfoliation, and a general smoother appearance.

If your brown spots are larger and more numerous the best treatment would be a series of BBL(broad band light) treatments, or Gentlelase Laser treatments which are mildly uncomfortable, they can initially make the brown spots darker but then they flake off, and no real downtime afterwards.

The third consideration for the hands that are showing obvious veins, and general loss of volume, would be dermal fillers. This treatment involves injection of fillers into the hand in several places, only mildly painful because we use topical anesthetic to numb the area first. Fillers add volume and promote collagen formation for a more youthful look. There is really not downtime after, but a possibility of bruising, so hold off on daily aspirin, ibuprofen, and fish oil for at least a week prior to treatment.

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