Summer Skin Care

Jul 17, 2017 | Skin Care

Time for Summer Skin Care

Now that the hot summer days are here it’s time to think about our summer skin care, and how how skin changes in the summer months. Summer Skin Care

First of all, most important, is sun protection. Unfortunately some of us wait until we see the signs of sun damage to take action. For example, wrinkles, brown spots, broken blood vessels, and skin thinning are the obvious signs we notice.  But it’s never too late to take action. The important issue is to use a superior sun block, especially on our faces, but also our bodies. Our favorite here at CAMI is any and all of the Elta Products. There is a huge selection from SPF 40-50. Many of the facial sunblocks are tinted which makes it easy to apply every day and skip makeup.  Elta also has body sunblocks as well, even a spray which is a favorite for many.


Secondly, it’s hot and humid which can make our winter moisturizers feel very heavy and thick on our skin. Summer Skin Care is needed as a time to switch to a lighter product that doesn’t make our skin feel sticky and moist.  A great option for summer, in fact all year long, is SkinMedica’s HA5. It is a combination of 5 different Hyaluronic acids that actually penetrate deeper in the skin and promote hydration from below rather than staying on the surface. It also helps to increase production of your body’s own Hyaluronic acid which diminishes as we age.