Aesthetics Services Every Male Should Consider

Jul 31, 2017 | Skin Care, Skin Care Products

There are Aesthetics Services every Male should know about

Skin care is a billion dollar industry monopolized by women but what many men don’t realize that they too can benefit and actually enjoy many service’s they don’t realize are available to the male patient that can be done on their lunch hour and don’t include FoFo smells or bath robes…unless that’s what you’re looking for. At CAMI we accommodate.Aesthetics Services every male should know about in Huntersville NC


Contrary to the rumors out there you don’t have to shave prior to receiving a facial.  We customize all patient’s needs.  If facial hair is holding you back from booking your next facial, fear not!  Steam and deep cleaning will do wonders for neglected skin.  All this under 60 min.


One of the best treatments for male patients is a customized chemical peel.  Especially if the patient has never treated himself to any type of skin regimen prior.  Chemical Peel can take years of neglect off and reveal new healthy glowing younger skin.  All under 25 minutes.


Again, we aim to please.  If a cleaned up version on what god gave you then that’s exactly what you will get, but clean and kept.  Remember your brows frame your face.. Bushy, neglected and messy or clean and bold in just 20 minutes

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If you’re tired of shaving your body daily Laser Hair Reduction “LHR” is the answers to your time and cost of razors.  After (generally) 6 sessions your morning routine will open up for a run or weight session.  Here at CAMI we offer full body hair reduction on all skin types.  Depending on the area/s treated LHR takes about an hour.


Age spots. Both women and men suffer.  Being in the Lake Norman region chances are if you’re over 30 you have seen your skin change and perhaps you have noticed an area that is darker than the surrounds skin. This is called a pigmented lesion.  Aka; age spot, liver spot, sun spot.  The good news is these spots are treatable and it only takes about 5 min an area.


Just because you’re male does not mean you should live with acne scars, uneven skin tone, static or fine lines or scars from earlier injury.  Microneedling is for women and men and can be done on any skin type. Depending on the area microneedling takes 60 min.

These are just a handful of what we off to the Male Patient here at Carolina Age Management Institute.  For a complete comprehensive understanding of what we offer come in for a consultation and start your transformation.

Vanessa Nozet