Cellulite Treatment Package


Qwo cellulite therapy is currently the best injectable medicine that has been FDA-approved for treating cellulite in women. Qwo, which contains an enzyme that destroys and makes collagen, is the main ingredient. This enzyme is responsible for the formation of cellulite in the first instance in septae. Qwo, in other words, targets the structural, underlying cause of cellulite. This is why it’s so much more effective than other treatments.

Purchase this cellulite treatment package of 3 sessions for a complete booty makeover and be confident again while wearing shorts, skirts, and bikinis!


How does it work?
Qwo, which dissolves collagen, can make those septae “tethers”, which are attached to the skin, disappear. This will allow the skin to be freed from the dimples and allows for the skin to breathe again. Qwo, which is a highly effective treatment for cellulite in the butt, thighs and legs has been shown to be very beneficial.

Qwo injections can be administered quickly and in almost the same time as a Botox cosmetic procedure. There is no need for anesthesia or surgery.

Your provider will ask for you to stand up and flex your gluteus muscles to help them identify where your dimples are the most prominent. Each individual dimple will be marked with an inert marker and then sterilized. Each individual dimple will then be injected with a small needle at three angles. After the procedure is completed, you will be able to return to school, work or other activities.