ThermiTight Before and After Pictures

ThermiTight Before and After Pictures in Charlotte, NC

Unhappy with signs of aging developing in your face, neck, and similar areas? ThermiTight® is a treatment option that offers patients a full face or neck lift without invasive plastic surgery. Dr. Stephen Giordano leads Carolina Age Management Institute where he and his expert team perform ThermiTight® procedures on patients who reside in Charlotte, Huntersville, or the neighboring cities in North Carolina.

ThermiTight® is a non-invasive treatment option that helps patients achieve a more youthful appearance by correcting signs of aging that develop throughout the face, neck, arms, and more. ThermiTight® works by breaking down fat and boosting natural collagen production in the skin to tighten and smooth sagging skin and slim down hard-to-eliminate fat.

The procedure uses a SmartTip™ wand to deliver radiofrequency waves directly into the subdermal tissue to dissolve fat cells, while simultaneously promoting the skin’s natural production of collagen to boost elasticity and soften the skin.

ThermiTight Patient 1