Jack Wrege

Jack Wrege- Clinical Hair Specialist for Carolina Age Management Institute


Jack Wrege grew up here in the Carolinas. After going to Utah for a winter to scratch a skiing itch, Jack came back to the Carolinas and got into medical devices in the Charleston SC market as a Clinical Specialist.

After 8 years in Neurosurgical and Orthopedic medical devices, he transitioned into Aesthetics, taking a particular interest in some of the more complex medical devices used within the field. As a Clinical Training Manager with Restoration Robotics, Jack traveled the country training physicians and practices how to successfully use the ARTAS Robot for Hair Restoration.

“Getting my hair implants made a huge difference in my confidence level. I want to help others with the same hair loss issues I had.”

In his spare time, Jack enjoys skiing, fishing, and golfing, while frankly admitting that he is a master of none.


  • Biology Major- Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia 
  • National Trainer
  • Former Clinical Training Manager of Restoration Robotics
  • Former Clinical Specialist in Medical Devices