Best Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness, According to Hair Specialists

For many men, hair loss is simply a fact of life. Research shows that an overwhelming majority of men will experience hair loss sooner or later, and it can start as soon as the late teens or early twenties.

While men can lose their hair for many different reasons, the most common culprit is a condition known as male pattern baldness (as it’s sometimes called, male pattern hair loss). In fact, more than 90 percent of all male hair loss cases stem from this condition.

The bad news is that male pattern hair loss can’t truly be cured. The good news is that its effects can be undone. There are a number of male pattern hair loss treatments that have proven safe and effective, including a number of options available over the counter, plus some more advanced treatments we offer at Carolina Age Management Institute.

Here’s our guide to the best treatments for male pattern baldness.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

To begin with, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the diagnosis.

Male pattern baldness is more formally known as androgenetic alopecia. While the precise causes of male pattern baldness have somewhat contended, most clinicians and hair loss specialist doctors now agree that there is a strong genetic component. So, if there’s a lot of male hair loss in your family, there’s a decent chance that you’ll experience it, as well.

Male pattern hair loss is associated with DHT, a natural byproduct of testosterone. An overabundance of DHT can damage your follicles, shrinking them and making them less productive. This is what causes thinning hair.

Also, note that male pattern baldness gets its name because the men who have it do tend to experience hair loss according to a familiar “pattern.” If you begin losing your hair at the temples or the crown of the head or find your hairline receding into an “M” shape, that’s a pretty good indicator that you have male pattern hair loss.

What are the Best Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness?

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Fortunately, there are a number of treatment options for men who are experiencing male pattern hair loss, and who wish to regain their looks as well as their confidence. Also you can use hair replacement systems for men to cover the bold part on head.

FUE Hair Transplants


For men whose hair loss is more advanced, the best treatments for male pattern baldness are often FUE hair transplants. With a hair transplant, healthy follicles are harvested from elsewhere on your body and moved to the scalp, where they can trigger healthy, natural growth.

A hair transplant offers permanent results. Additionally, transplants are very safe, and do not require surgical incisions or scarring. We are pleased to offer different types of robotic transplants, like ARTAS® robotic hair transplant and hair restoration and Neograft®, here at CAMI, and are always happy to tell you more about the options.

Red Light Therapy

Some men may not be quite ready for surgical intervention, particularly men whose hair loss is more mild or subtle. If your hair is only starting to thin, you may benefit from LED red light therapy, where emissions of infrared light are used to stimulate the scalp and the follicles. This is a safe and non-invasive way to generate new growth, very naturally. Our specialists consider it to be one of the best treatments for male pattern baldness, especially in its early stages.

Prescription Medications

Still, other men may prefer medications to treat their male pattern baldness. The best prescription medications for hair loss include both topical solutions as well as oral options. Many men get the best results from combining these two options.

Prescription-strength medications tend to be the most potent and effective, though there are also over-the-counter options that can yield good results. The best way to determine which OTC products are best is to ask your doctor, who can make a recommendation based on your level of hair loss.

Explore the Options for Treating Male Pattern Hair Loss in Charlotte, NC

Nobody likes losing their hair… and thankfully, the results of male pattern baldness never have to be permanent. If you’re a man who has experienced thinning hair, seek treatment today. Carolina Age Management Institute can provide personalized treatment options. To schedule a consultation appointment with one of our hair loss specialists, reach out to our Huntersville, NC office at your next convenience.